An early morning walk on a stormy Pembrokeshire beach turned into a big surprise for a couple and their dog this morning (Saturday) when they came across a huge swordfish washed ashore.

At 6am dog walkers John and Helen Swancott were enjoying their walk across Freshwater East beach when Toby the collie raced into the sea, barking excitedly.

Rescue dog Toby then started to try to pull a giant swordfish up the shore.

John told the Western Telegraph: "I couldn't believe there was a swordfish in our waters, it was amazing."

John estimated the swordfish at about 8ft long and 150 - 200lbs in weight.

He added: "I should have stood there with a fishing rod and blagged it as the biggest fish caught in Fresh East this century and had a photo taken - I would have been pinched by all the local fishing clubs!"

John and Helen are from Lamphey and work at Greenhill School, Tenby, where John is a science teacher and Helen a receptionist.

Helen also makes art from items washed up on beaches but said: "I'd need a crane to mount that fish on a canvas."

Swordfish are usually found in the Mediterranean, Pacific and North Atlantic and although some have been caught in UK waters, it is extremely rare to see one washed ashore in the UK.