AN incredible dive from the imposing walls of Chepstow Castle has set the scene perfectly for this weekend’s Red Bull Cliff Diving at the Blue Lagoon.

Former Olympic diver Blake Aldridge seized the chance to dive from the 26m high walls of Chepstow Castle above the cliffs of the River Wye as part of his road trip to the Blue Lagoon in Abereiddy.

Tom Daley’s diving partner from the 2008 Beijing Games has thus set his mind for the highly anticipated and sold out event on home soil.

“That’s the beauty of cliff diving. We only need a high take-off spot with a stretch of water below to showcase our sport,” explains Aldridge who’ll compete alongside two other British athletes this weekend.

Together with reigning champion Gary Hunt and wildcard diver Mat Cowen he will fight for a British victory in what is a return to the UK and the circular former slate quarry and its Colosseum-like setting.

For the leader of the Women’s World Series, Rhiannan Iffland from Australia, and her 8 competitors from the 20m platform it will be the first time the women are competing in this venue.