A woman who tormented her mother and sister at their home in Puncheston has been jailed for 16 months.

Rhiannon Morris, aged 21, had been under a restraining order banning her from contacting Myfanwy and Gemma Morris.

But she went to their home and frightened them so much they barricaded themselves in a bedroom.

Swansea crown court heard that at the time Morris, of no fixed address, was also on licence from prison for a previous breach of the order.

Kevin Jones, prosecuting, said Morris had made threats to the women and at one stage said she would burn down the house.

After she picked up a kitchen knife with a 12 inch blade they fled upstairs and locked themselves in a bedroom.

As well as contacting police they telephoned Wayne Thomas, the landlord of a local pub, and asked for help.

He went to the house and Morris left, but went to the pub still armed with the knife and began throwing around salt and pepper pots.

She was arrested by police outside.

Judge Paul Thomas said Morris had been given “chance after chance” to leave her mother and sister alone, but she seemed “determined to make their lives a living misery.”

“You torment them. You put them in fear of injury or worse,” he told her.

“You say you are sorry but you keep on doing it.

“You were totally out of control. You threatened your sister and your mother with a knife and threatened to burn down the house. You should not have even been there,” he added.

Judge Thomas said the restraining order would remain in place indefinitely.