RSPB Ramsey Island is putting itself on the culinary map, as its venison and lamb feature on the menu of a St Davids restaurant with local produce at its heart.

The island's lamb and venison travel just three miles to be sold at St Davids Kitchen as part of the adopted farm to fork ethos.

Welsh mountain sheep and deer are kept on the island in limited numbers and are essential for the protection of many high priority species, including the rare chough and internationally important water plants.

Lambing began on Ramsey eight years ago to accommodate fluctuating grazing needs. At the end of each summer, the island sells the ram lambs reducing sheep numbers for the winter.

The deer were introduced to the island in 1976. A small herd has been maintained which is beneficial to the island's ecosystems. Periodic deer culls are carried out to maintain a healthy population of around ten to 15 animals.

"Seeing our lamb and venison sold in St Davids is so satisfying," said Greg Morgan, RSPB Ramsey Island site manager.

St Davids Kitchen's Neil Walsh added:

"Serving local produce is crucial to the way we work. The fact that we had RSPB Ramsey Island lamb and such a unique product as the venison is awesome.

"I genuinely believe the produce that we've had from RSPB Ramsey Island and other producers, all within the three mile radius, is on a par with any restaurant in the country. It is an absolute privilege to plate them for our patrons – and myself!"