FIFTY drivers in Fishguard found themselves faced with fake parking fines on Saturday morning as part of a large scale April Fool’s Day prank.

Vehicles in Pen-yr-Aber, the Wallis, Gwelfor and Maeshyfryd were targeted, apparently as part of a campaign to highlight parking on pavements in the town.

Many motorists woke to find the tickets on their vehicles and were suckered in by the prank until reading that they needed to send their £30 fine for illegal parking to PB Parking, 115 Gotcha Lane, Uwerefooled, HA1HA1.

“I understand the pranksters ran out of tickets before they had finished on the streets of Fishguard,” said a local resident who did not want to be named.

The tickets would have amounted to £3,000 in fines issued in one evening. Out of the 50 tickets issued 46 of the cars are understood to have been parked on the pavement.

It is believed the stunt was to raise awareness of this problem after complaints about it on social media.

“They went to a lot of trouble to hand write and issue all the tickets,” said the source.

"A lot of people must have been spitting feathers of Saturday morning.

“People thought they were real until they saw the address on the back. I think it was brilliant to be honest with you.

"A lot of people were angry at the time but hopefully they have seen the funny side.”

The Western Telegraph has contacted Pembrokeshire County Council, the official issuer of parking tickets in the locality, for a comment on the stunt.