A COUPLE travelling to all 2,563 train stations around the country have reached one of the most westerly points on their journey as they stopped off in Haverfordwest today.

Geoff Marshall and Vicki Pipe have left London for an intrepid 12 week adventure around Britain and sharing their experience in YouTube documentaries.

Meeting them in Haverfordwest was Daryl Millar, who has followed Geoff’s YouTube channel since he twice broke the world record for traveling the London Underground in the fastest time, and was taking the pair on a tour of the town’s historic sites.

“A natural extension of that is doing all the stations, it was a conversation we had five years ago and I costed it out, I had a spreadsheet on my computer for the last five years and last year it bubbled up and became a reality,” said Geoff.

Geoff, a freelance video producer, is also a tour guide for Hidden London and takes visitors around the capitol’s abandoned tube stations and Vicki’s interest in the railway is in the people who use it and how it relates to their lives.

Vicki: “I work in museum education, I work with communities and families, my interest comes from people and how the railway connects communities and day to day life, work socialising and all the different reasons people connect.

“We started to think wouldn’t it be great to have an adventure and share that with everybody.”

Covering the stations in Pembrokeshire meant heading back and forth to Swansea and Whitchurch to catch trains to Pembroke, Fishguard, Milford and Haverfordwest as well as all stops on the way.

The rules of the adventure mean that they don’t have to get off at every station but they will stop to take pictures and try to explore at least one destination each day.

“We’re only taking three months, if we were to wait for the next train each time it would take a year,” said Geoff, explaining the next leg of the journey, the Heart of Wales line includes more than 30 stations.

“There are only three or four trains a day so it would take about ten days if we were to get off,” he added.

“It’s been a theme when we’ve been chatting to people that they would love it if there were more or they say there used to be a service but now I have to drive.

“The experiences and people we have met and chatted to and places we have gone, it’s been 100% positive,” added Vicki.

Follow Geoff and Vicki’s journey, and their tour of Haverfordwest, at allthestations.co.uk or follow them on Twitter @allthestations or their Facebook page.