AS DOZENS of daredevils prepare to bungee jump off the Cleddau Bridge in the third annual bungee off the bridge, the organisers have teamed up with experts to learn more about what they can expect.

When the jumpers take their leap of faith, they will be plunging 150 feet, roughly the height of a 16-storey building, with only a large bonded rubber band strapped to their ankles.

They can expect to average 50mph as they go into freefall.

For the last two years, students from the University of Wales Trinity St David’s Extreme Sports Engineering department have been involved in the event to understand more about aspects such as the acceleration jumpers experience and forces through the bungee rope.

The department has now produced an app for jumpers and spectators -

Pembroke Dock businessman James Parfitt, who is a member of the organising team and took part in the 2016 jump, summed up the bungee experience: “An adrenaline rush and a heart-pumping insanely.’’

He added: “Will I survive? Can I trust that bungee rope with my life? Will I hit the water? All these things rush through your head.”

Jumpers will register at Hobbs Point before they are taken to the jump site, where they are again briefed and the appropriate safety checks made.

The event, organised by the Pembroke Dock Town Team, takes place on August 19 and 20, and there are still some places available.

“It is the only chance to bungee off the bridge in Wales and only one of three opportunities do to so in the whole of the UK,’’ said Dilys Burrell, a member of the organising team.

To book a place visit

At its July meeting, Pembroke Dock Town Council agreed to donate £500 towards the cost of the running the event.