A SPECIAL service will be held on Friday to mark more than 200 years since the funeral of a teenager from Little Newcastle.

The recent renovation of one of the oldest properties in the parish of Little Newcastle, Old Court House, uncovered a part of the area’s history which still has a strong link to the area.

Two slate window sills were removed and discovered to be made from the headstone of young Dinah Vaughan, who died in 1814, aged 16.

Much of the family’s history has been uncovered by Rev Richard Davies, Curate of Little Newcastle, and there are many descendants still in the surrounding area today.

“They noticed there was writing on it and when you put the two parts together you had a headstone,” said Rev Davies.

The stone is inscribed ‘Sacred to the Memory’ of Dinah Vaughan, daughter of William and Dinah Vaughan.

Searching the parish burial register Rev Davies found Dinah had been buried on November 3, so the service on Friday (November 3) marks 203 years to the day of her funeral and the stone will be accepted back into the church.

Rev Davies discovered the Vaughan family were farming in Little Newcastle in the 1790s and the family line was continued by Dinah’s brother Thomas who had five children.

“I myself am a great, great, great nephew,” said Rev Davies. “There are some people in the area that share a sixth great aunt.”

It is thought that the gravestone may have been moved when the church was extended to allow for more seating capacity in 1840, taking up some of the church yard.

There will also be an All Souls service, an opportunity for the bereaved to remember loved ones.

Light refreshments will be served at the Old School after the service and there will be an opportunity to view a large family tree of the Vaughan’s.

A warm welcome is extended to all, whether they are related to the family or not. The service begins at 10.30am.