THE latest register of extra payments, donations and gifts in kind received by MPs has been published.

The Register of Members’ Financial Interests shows that South Pembrokeshire MP Simon Hart received a total of £15,000 in donations from one person, a Fraser Duffy, as well as contributions from businesses.

Preseli Pembrokeshire MP Stephen Crabb also received a number of personal donations including, £5,000 from an A E Enfield £2,500 from an Atul Patak and £2,500 from a Brian Griffiths.

Media payments include £150 from BBC Radio 4 for appearing on Any Questions and £800 for an article in the Mail on Sunday.

Mr Crabb also enjoyed a number of hospitality benefits such as £360 worth of rugby tickets and hospitality at Old Trafford from The Rugby Football League Ltd.

Capestone Organic Poultry in Walwyn’s Castle also gave him two M & S charity ball tickets worth £2,000.

Mr Crabb also enjoyed the Wales v Argentina game in at the Principality Stadium in November 2016 after Hydro Industries Ltd gave him four tickets with hospitality, worth £833.

The Conservative Friends of Israel paid for Mr Crabb to travel to the country as a “fact-finding political delegation” in February this year, which his wife also attended, totalling £3,150.

His wife, Beatrice, was employed until February 2017 as part –time diary manager.

Mr Hart’s wife, Abi, remains employed as office manager according to the register.

Other donations received by Mr Hart included £3,000 from the Landsker Business Club and a total of £5,000 from the United & Cecil Club in Windsor.

He also lists his £7,500 quarterly payment from the Countryside Alliance for his role as “High Net Worth Consultant” with around eight hours commitment a week.

Mr Hart took part in 15 surveys with payments ranging from £200 from Ipsos MORI and as little as £20 from YouGov, others included payments of £75 from ComRes.

Mr Crabb told the Western Telegraph that it was important for the public to have sight of the register and for it to be discussed.

“There is nothing that could be described as a junket and not fully focused on work,” added Mr Crabb.

He explained that the trip to Israel included visiting the West Bank and speaking to both Palestinians and Israelis.

“These fact finding missions are obviously extremely important for MPs seeking a better understanding of the challenge of the word around us,” said Mr Crabb.

During his time as Secretary of State for Wales invites to Wales rugby matches were regularly forthcoming.

His “quite substantial” article with the Mail on Sunday focused on his view on Brexit, and written by himself, he put forward his argument for a softer, rather than hard, Brexit.

Mr Hart said: "It’s the same as its always been I think – certainly the last few years has remained largely unchanged."