SUPPORT and information for local residents affected by lung disease was highlighted with an awareness stand at Withybush Hospital recently.

Patients, carers and medical professionals visited the Breathe Easy Pembrokeshire stand at the hospital entrance on November 15, finding out more about COPD.

COPD incorporates the conditions previously known as emphysema and chronic bronchitis. It kills around 30,000 a year in the UK – more than any type of cancer other than lung cancer – and can severely affect your quality of life.

Geoffrey Winterman, from Breathe Easy Pembrokeshire, said:

“COPD can have a severe impact on your quality of life. However, we at Breathe Easy Pembrokeshire know from experience there are ways of managing the condition in order to still live a full and active life.”

The awareness stand features the BLF’s nationally available ‘COPD Patient Passport’, designed to help COPD patients ensure they are getting the best possible care and managing their condition as effectively as possible. An interactive online version of the Patient Passport additionally generates a personalised report for people to print out and discuss with their doctor.

The British Lung Foundation’s Breathe Easy support groups provide support, advice and friendship for anyone affected by a lung condition, or their family, friends or carers.

Breathe Easy Pembrokeshire, meets on the fourth Tuesday of the month, 2pm to 4pm. For more information about Breathe Easy Pembrokeshire please contact Diana Waghorn on 01994 419741 or email

The next meeting is on Tuesday, 28 November 28, 2pm at the Picton Centre, Haverfordwest.