PEMBROKE Rotary Club was treated to a fascinating talk on the restoration of the old walled garden at Lamphey Park recently.

The talk was given by Simon Richards, who is passionate about walled gardens, having restored the garden on the Duke of Westminster’s Scottish estate before moving to Lamphey in 2014.

The Lamphey Park walled garden was created in the late 18th Century when it would have provided all the produce required by the house. However, like so many similar gardens it became redundant and was allowed to fall into disrepair.

By the time Lamphey Park became a guest house in 2003 it had become an overgrown junkyard and the once magnificent walls were in a sorry state. It took ten years to clear the garden and repair the walls.

Fortunately Simon and Christina fell in love with the garden and agreed to restore it as a working horticultural garden. They have worked tirelessly for the last three years and we now once again have a thriving and beautiful garden. It is not only producing organic vegetables and cut flowers but is also producing a range of top quality plants and shrubs which will grace any garden. It is still a young garden, but in a few years it will once again be fully restored to its former glory.