HAVERFORDWEST Neighbourhood Policing Team has linked in with businesses in Withybush Retail Park to launch the Steal and Be Banned Scheme (SABB).

The scheme sees police and shopkeepers working together to reduce theft from businesses in the area.

Problem customers are banned not just from the one business but all those in the area that have signed up.

The first meeting has been held and nine businesses are now signed up to the scheme.

PC Tanya Davies of Haverfordwest NPT said: “Businesses can be vulnerable to theft and during the day of action the scheme was launched to crackdown on those who take advantage of this vulnerability.”

“SABB is an effective tool to help prevent, reduce and combat theft offences within the area.

“If anyone is arrested for a crime of theft shops which are in the scheme, they will be banned from not just that shop, but all shops that display the Steal and Be Banned poster within the area.

“The message is simple – Steal and Be Banned!”