A man tried to film an 11-year-old girl showering at the Buttyland holiday park in Manorbier, a judge heard today.

And when police examined his mobile telephone they discovered he had already filmed a woman using the showers.

At the time Dean Turner, aged 39, had been before the courts for sex offences that would later earn him a sentence of three years and two months.

Yesterday (December 5), Judge Paul Thomas, sitting at Swansea crown court, added a further two months in prison after Turner admitted attempted voyeurism at the park in Manorbier.

Brian Simpson, prosecuting, said the girl had been undressing in the showers when she saw a man's hand holding a mobile telephone appear above the cubicle.

She heard a "click" which she knew meant a photograph had been taken and thumped the door to frighten him away.

She ran from the showers wrapped in a towel and raised the alarm.

Mr Simpson said police studied CCTV footage and could see Turner, of Tudor Estate, Caerau, walking back and forth near the shower block.

He was questioned some time later and denied owning a mobile telephone at the time of his stay at Buttyland.

But when officers examined his telephone they found photographs of a woman showering in the same unit.

Turner claimed she had agreed to him taking the photographs and as police could not identify her his claim could not be disproved, said Mr Simpson.

But the photographs did prove that he had been lying about having a mobile telephone with him while at Buttyland.

Judge Paul Thomas described Turner as a sexual deviant and said it must have been deeply disturbing for the girl.

He said Turner had been on bail at the time for not dissimilar offences.