A FIRE at Capestone Poultry Farm has been brought under control after firefighters worked into the night.

The fire, which broke out yesterday afternoon (December 11) in an outbuilding at the farm was described as well-ablaze at its height by firefighters.

The organic poultry farm is near to Walwyn's Castle, near Milford Haven.

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A spokesperson for Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue said there have had no reports of any people or animals being injured in the fire.

The cause of the fire is not yet known, although there were reports of an explosion at the site.

MAWW Fire and Rescue were called to deal with the fire at 3:45pm and said the blaze involved chemicals, oil, and acetylene.

At the fire's height, six fire engines were at the scene from Milford Haven, Haverfordwest, Pembroke Dock, Narberth, Tenby, and St Davids with 38 firefighters and three officers attending.

Western Telegraph: PICTURE: Martin CavaneyPICTURE: Martin Cavaney

The Haverfordwest fire engine was used as a water tower, with its ladder extended high above the fire so crews did not need to stand close to the fire.

A water relay was set up with other engines, and an unmanned drone was used to assess the blaze from above.

The fire service were called to deal with the fire in the 105m by 150m outbuilding at 3:45pm.

The road near the scene was closed while emergency services dealt with the situation.

By this morning (Tuesday, December 12) the outbuilding was no longer alight, but two fire engines were on standby to help farm staff tackle high temperatures in grain stored in the building.

Valerie Gill was a mile away when she heard a huge bang at the site.

She told the Western Telegraph: "It was a huge thud. An awful sound. There is a valley with a lake between us but it sounded like such a big bang.

"There was thick, thick black smoke almost immediately.

"The smoke was billowing out for half an hour non stop I ran in to get my camera, to show how bad it was.

"It was like tunnels of smoke that kept popping up It was frightening, because you just think what if someone is there or hurt?"

Western Telegraph: Contributor's FirePicContributor's FirePic

Western Telegraph reporter Joanna Sayers was at the scene last night.

She said: "It looks like an inferno. It is a big fire in a what looks to be a long shed. If you didn't know it was a fire you would think it was Christmas lights lighting it up."

More photos from Monday, December 11 below, by Martin Cavaney.

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