BOXING Day saw a much-loved tradition continue at a popular south Pembrokeshire pub.

The Cresselly Arms at Cresswell Quay saw the crowds drawn to the annual meet of the South Pembrokeshire Hunt, which has taken place there since the much-loved pub opened in 1896.

South Pembrokeshire Hunt Joint Master Hugh Harrison-Allen said: “It was a great day, lovely, we had about 45-50 horses, a nice jolly time.

“There were very big crowds, nothing really different to report from previous years, it’s just a nice cosy gathering with lots of friends enjoying their time.

“Simon Hart (MP) gave a little speech, about how nice it was to be there, with not much about the politics.”

Western Telegraph:

Simon Hart MP is pictured at the 2017 Boxing Day meeting with High Harrison-Allen. PICTURE: Carol Peeet.

The hunt itself, originally called the Cresselly Hunt, has been running since 1789, and Mr Harrison-Allen said the annual Boxing Day meet was important for the local community.

Western Telegraph:

The Cresselly Arms' Boxing Day meet in1923 with Hugh Harrison-Allen's grandfather, Captain Hugh Allen MFH, and mother Auriol Allen, aged two, who was Master for 46 seasons.

“I think it’s just tradition, it gets the community together and people expect to come to it; it’s as much a social tradition as a hunting tradition these days,” said Mr Harrison-Allen.

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