SEVEN trailer loads of foliage have been removed from Haverfordwest’s hospital sites recently due to the combined efforts of volunteers from two groups.

The Ann’s Withybush Volunteer Ground Force team has been working for months to clear overgrown areas around the Bro Cerwyn Centre and Withybush Hospital sites.

Volunteers from the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park’s Pathways project stepped in to help clear away the huge amount of foliage that had been collected recently.

Pathways Volunteer Officer Tom Iggleden said: “You can see how much time and effort has gone into clearing the site from the sheer amount of branches and leaves that have been collected by the dedicated Ground Force volunteers.

“As well as helping make this site more pleasant for everyone who uses it, the Pathways volunteers were able to put the skills they’ve learnt during their time with the project to good use, with tools such as loppers and saws used to help cut the branches down into more manageable sizes.”

David Williams from Ann’s Withybush Volunteer Ground Force helped take all the green waste to the nearby Pembrokeshire County Council Civic Amenity site for disposal.

Run by the Park Authority and funded by the Welsh Government, Pathways aims to help more people spend time in the outdoors by providing volunteering, learning and training opportunities in the National Park and nearby areas.

The project will provide thousands volunteering working days over a three-year period, and will focus on people who want to improve their health and wellbeing, as well as gain new experiences and skills as they make environmental improvements for communities.

You can find out more about Ann’s Withybush Volunteer Ground Force by visiting their Facebook group.

If you would like to become a Pathways volunteer contact Tom Iggleden by emailing or call 07866 771190.