THEY may have a beautiful name, but 'mermaid's tears' are anything but welcome on Pembrokeshire beaches.

Thousands of tiny pieces of plastic washed up on Freshwater West beach this week.

Dubbed 'mermaid's tears', the plastic pellets are usually the result of industry and domestic waste, broken down by the waves.

Rhian Sula, visitor experience manager at Stackpole, spotted the plastic rainbow on a recent beach walk.

She said: “There were thousands of plastic mermaids’ tears - tiny pieces of plastic - on Freshwater West in the sand pools.

"I collected as many as I could, but there are still thousands there."

As well as littering the sand, these small pieces of plastic can be harmful to sealife.

Particles under 5mm across can impact mussels, who absorb the material, and may end up in the food chain.

The National Trust will be running beach cleans at Freshwater West on Sunday, January 14, and Wednesday, February 21, between noon and 2pm.

Added Rhian: “Please help do your bit for the coast at the National Trust beach clean at Freshwater West next Sunday.”

For more information, click here.

Children are welcome, bring waterproof clothing.

Litter pickers, gloves and bags will be provided.