A Haverfordwest mum of four who was killed on a Christmas visit overseas probably saved her youngest daughter’s life, her grieving family have said.

The new year started with heartbreak for the Tiglao family with the fatal accident just outside their home in the Philippines.

The collision also left her youngest daughter injured.

Joan Tiglao, a well-loved nurse at Withybush Hospital, was run over by a truck just outside the family home in Tarlac City.

Eleven-year-old Keira escaped with minor injuries, including fractures, thanks to her mother pushing her to safety.

The tragic accident happened as the family returned from Manila after having a “lovely time away”.

Joan, husband Jay, who also works at the hospital, and their four daughters Kim, 22, Kamille, 20, Kelly, 14, and Keira, are well-known and loved in the town after settling here in 2002.

Eldest daughter Kim said her little sister was recovering and “luckily has no major injuries”.

“It happened in Tarlac City, we were nearly home, basically outside our house we just needed to cross over, but unfortunately mum passed away in a very tragic accident,” added Kim.

An online fundraising page has been set up by family friend Cindy Sulit. It hopes to raise £5,000 to pay for hospital fees and funeral expenses.

Cindy’s appeal states: “In 2002 The Tiglao's came in the UK to seek a better life for their children and to support families back home in the Phillipines. They settled in Haverfordwest, the couple, Jay, a HSCW and Joan, a Registered Nurse, both working in Withybush General Hospital have four children.

“Life was hard at the beginning but got better as time went by. Until a tragic and fatal accident happened whilst on holiday in the Philippines that led to the untimely death of a very dear friend/family Joan and her youngest daughter Keira sustaining fracture, which shocked families, friends and colleagues.

“I would like to seek your support to get them through with their financial expenses such as hospitalisation, burial et al. Any amount donated will be much appreciated. Thank you!”

To make a donation visit justgiving.com/crowdfunding/helpsupporttiglaofamily