ON WEDNESDAY, January 10, a large congregation met at Mathry Church, to inaugurate the new Deanery of Greater Dewisland and Local Ministry area.

The service, led by Bishop Joanne Penberthy, confirmed the legal licences for the new area and installed the Revd Michael Rowlands as priest in charge of the parish.

This grouping covers a large area, including the parishes and churches of St Nicholas, Granston, Jordanston, Mathry, Llanrhian, Llanhowell, Whitchurch, Solva, Brawdy, Hayscastle, Nolton, Roch and St Lawrence.

The Revd Rowlands will be assisted by Janet Ingram of St Davids and Gillian Butcher of Letterston, together with worship leaders Dilwyn Phillips, Barbara Adams and Mary Lewis.

Included in the congregation were representatives of the local chapels, community councils and schools. The church wardens of the 13 churches took part in the procession together with the large number of supporting clergy.