PEMBROKE Dock Community School have been getting to grips with green issues, learning about Victorian values, and enjoying sporting success.

Pupils in Year 3 have come up with a great way of saving paper.

Their weekly times table challenges, the 110 club, have previously all been completed on paper.

This has recently changed after pupils suggested they use laminated sheets in order for them to save paper, Pupils now write their answers with their whiteboard pens and then rub them off when finished, ready to be re-used in the future.

Year 4 pupils have been working with the Darwin Centre recently in order to find out more information on how pollution has an impact on our local beaches.

As part of the studies, pupils took part in a beach clean at Freshwater East.

Miss Fielding, head of Year 3 and 4 said: "It has been a real eye-opener for pupils. Seeing so much rubbish on our beautiful beaches, and in particular plastic, has given the pupils a real shock. The pupils have enjoyed being part of the clean-up and helping to do their part in creating a cleaner environment."

Year 6 pupils travelled back in time recently to take part in a Victorian Day, as part of their spring term topic.

Pupils dressed up in traditional clothing and saw their timetable completely change to reflect a classroom from the Victorian era. Blackboards were used instead of whiteboards and range of different, engaging activities were enjoyed by all the pupils.

There was sports success of Year 4 pupil Emily recently.

Emily, representing the school at the Urdd gymnastics competition, won gold in the individual girls competition, and is going on to represent Pembrokeshire at the primary national finals held in Aberystwyth this month.