MOTORISTS are being placed in potential danger by youths shining laser pen lights in to mirrors of moving cars, members of Pembroke Dock Town Council heard last Thursday.

Speaking to members about a recent police forum meeting, Councillor Margaret Murton said: “A lot of young people, mostly boys, they’ve got laser pens and have actually been shining them in to car mirrors, people have been frightened and it could cause accidents; police are on the lookout for them.”

Cllr Murton said police priorities heighted at the meeting continued to be tackling antisocial behaviour and car crime in the area.

Members heard there had been “an awful lot” of car crime in the area, with Cllr Murton highlighting the recent theft of power tools from a vehicle in Pennar’s Stranraer Road on February 4.

The owner of the vehicle was woken by these persons and, after going outside these persons have then made off on foot carrying these items.

“Please look after your belongings and do not leave anything on show because it will not be there when you come back,” Cllr Murton warned.