ANOTHER step towards three-weekly black bin bag collections for Pembrokeshire is set to be taken this week.

The council's Policy and Pre-decision scrutiny committee meets on Friday (February 16) and is urged to endorse the recommendations of a wide-ranging waste and recycling services review.

The report to members backs the move to three-weekly black bag collections, although a planned limit on how many bags each household can put out per week has been removed.

The report now details that households of five people or fewer will be handed 52 'refuse sacks' for the year.

Households with more than five occupants will be able to apply for an additional 17 bags for every two additional permanent household members.

The report states that handing out an annual allocation of bags will address concerns about fluctuating amounts of household waste throughout the year, such as high levels at Christmas or if a collection is missed, versus much lower amounts if a family has been on holiday.

A separate fortnightly collection will be provided for bulky absorbent hygiene products such as nappies, colostomy bags, adult incontinence pads and absorbent bed sheets.

This service will provided upon application and "subject to renewal process and ongoing requirement."

The report states that a weekly collection of such materials was considered but would cost around £160,000 "that in the current financial climate is very difficult to justify."

The papers also document a change to the way the kerbside recycling collections would work.

The collections will remain weekly with a food caddy and box for glass. But there will also be a box for paper and card and a 'reusable sack' for plastic and cans.

The range of items that can be recycled will be extended to include lower grade plastics such as pots and tubs and drinks cartons.

Councillors will also be asked to endorse the creation of a small team to help the public to understand and engage with the changes.

But the team will also then undertake investigation and enforcement activity.

The council plans to give residents notice of when collections will take place and what materials can be placed in each bag.

If the notice is breached, and following a warning, then a fixed penalty notice of £100 can be issued.

The agenda for the committee can be seen here.