Why are we for a Premier Inn in St Davids?

Due to changes in farming over the years, St Davids is now predominantly reliant on tourism. Yes, the Summer season still sees many visitors. In fact people are regularly sent out of the area due to lack of accommodation during the summer and when concerts are on at the cathedral but what about the rest of the year?

For those that see a snapshot when visiting, I’d like to present a different picture.

Those of us that live here, trying to raise a family, see this beautiful bustling city that we hold dear, hibernate. We see B&Bs, cafes, gift shops, Ice cream parlour, chip shop, and some pubs, close. They put up a notice informing they will reopen in March. I wonder, wouldn’t it be great for them to be able to extend their season? Winters can be long anywhere in the UK. They are even longer when half the city shuts down.

As well as the businesses, houses are empty. They are empty because they have been bought at a premium price as second homes by the very people who claim to the love the place, forcing house prices beyond the affordability of anyone living and working locally. They have been bought by the very people who proudly display NOPI signs in their dark windows.

Our schools, recently under threat of closure, need children. We need affordable housing desperately.

The Premier Inn will provide jobs which people buying affordable housing will need. We do not believe there to be any threat to the majority of businesses in St Davids, in fact to the contrary, we believe with Premier Inn’s global marketing, we will get a longer season and therefore increased expenditure locally.

Premier Inn are very different to any accommodation currently on offer in St Davids and hopefully will go some way to replacing St Nons Hotel, Whitesands Bay hotel, and Glan-y-mor which have been lost over the years.

People may say, that there are still the beds available due to Air B&B establishments. Air B&Bs are unregulated and many of them without parking which causes chaos in the summer months. An increase in Air B&B is not the answer. Many people who use Premier Inn do not like or want B&B accommodation – Air or otherwise.

The site of the housing and hotel, is opposite St Davids Assemblies. A factory which faced opposition at first and is now a much loved and valued part of the community providing employment for many in its heyday. The other side faces St Davids RFC. The floodlit playing field where the locals play their beloved rugby a pleasing sight for many.

These things may not be picture perfect but they are part of our community and what makes us. We are not just a cathedral, a couple of beaches and art galleries.

Nopi would have you believe that ‘St Davids’ is against this application. This is not true. Nopi are very efficient at campaigning and have garnered support from people all over the world, I’d be surprised if there weren’t supporters in Timbuctoo! But ask yourself this, who should decide the future of St Davids? The misled Nopi supporters wherever they may live or the people who love and live here?