THE Local Authority’s pay policy for the next year is recommended for approval by full council.

The policy is reassessed yearly and includes reference to ‘perks’ provided to senior staff members.

At next week’s meeting of full council Cllr Joshua Beynon has submitted a question in reference to car allowances.

It states: “Why are senior officers given a car allowance and does the relevant Cabinet Member agree with me that this is completely outrageous and wrong during times of austerity?”

The pay policy agreement for the financial year 2018-19 sets out policies “across a range of issues related to its workforce, particularly the pay of senior staff and its lowest paid employees, but excluding employees managed by school governing bodies.”

The car lease allowance outlined in the policy for the chief executive and directors is set at £7,658 per year and for heads of service at £5,365.

It also states that an agreement is yet to be reached with unions with regards the lowest paid workers.

“From April 1 2018 £15,105 per annum for a person working full time (i.e. the standard 37-hour week), equating to an hourly rate of pay of £7.83 pending a conclusion of NJC pay negotiations,” it adds, which is the National Living Wage.