A Pembroke pensioner has been found guilty of causing the death of driving instructor Vanessa McAloon by careless driving.

Jean Williams, aged 84, took so long to overtake a tractor that her Vauxhall Corsa approached a right hand bend side by side.

Mrs McAloon, aged 48, travelling the other way, braked hard but fell to her death.

Williams, of Tudor House, Main Street, will be sentenced on April 9 and was granted bail until then.

Judge Geraint Walters ordered a probation report on Williams. He also imposed an immediate driving ban, the length of which will be determined on April 9.

The collision happened on the A4075 near Penny Bridge on November 27, 2016.

Michael Stokes, a National Grid engineer working at the time at Pembroke Power Station, had been driving home when he came up behind Williams' Corsa and the tractor as the A4075 approached Nash.

Mr Stokes said he saw Williams pull out to overtake the tractor but the car did not appear to accelerate.

The tractor, with Williams' Corsa alongside, approached an uphill and a right hand bend.

"The motor cyclist came around the corner and over the brow of the hill.

"I thought what is this driver (Corsa) doing?

"I thought he (she) did not have enough visibility because of the hill and the corner," said Mr Stokes.

Mr Stokes, an experienced motor cyclist, said he thought Mrs McAloon "had been startled" by what she was facing, braked hard and lost control.

The front wheel locked, in his opinion.

Williams, who had denied the charge, was convicted unanimously.

Judge Walters said Williams was of positively good character and there did not appear to be aggravating features above the offence itself.

Jim Davis, the barrister representing Williams, told the court she had not driven since the accident.