DO you want 20 or 30 more AMs? This is what the Welsh Government’s ‘Expert Panel’ is asking the Welsh public, at a cost of £6.6 million for 20, £9.6m for 30.

In addition there will be costs for members’ offices, £2.4m for 20, £3.3m for 30 – in fact they recommend one or the other. So who are these experts, no names in the Welsh Government’s document?

They maintain they are needed because of extra powers.

I am disgusted that they can even consider spending money on this when everything they have power on at present is in such a mess – the possible loss of our local hospital, education is a mess, increased care in community is desperate – all they suggest is more AMs.

So I ask everyone who has a computer to access the Welsh Government’s website and say definitely no to more AMs – or anyone like myself to write to them to let them know how they feel.