A CALL TO BACK a dog show in Pembroke by its deputy mayor ended in a happy tail at the town council’s last meeting.

Cllr Linda Brown, soon to be the town’s mayor, asked for a maximum of £1,000 towards a Pembrokeshire Corgi dog show, expected to be held in the town in mid-June, to coincide with the Rock The Castle event.

“The clerk and I have been working to get as many people to attend without charge as possible,” said Cllr Brown.

She stressed that, although the Pembrokeshire corgis would be the highlight, a companion show for other breeds would run alongside, with plenty of other attractions to make it a family fun day.

“It will be a fun day not a Crufts,” said Cllr Brown.

Members heard the Pembrokeshire Corgi Club, many of who attended Pembroke Castle during the unveiling of the Henry VII statue last year, were keen to be involved.

“When this is publicised we’re hoping to get an awful lot of dog owners just bringing their dogs,” Cllr Brown added.

Clerk Suzie Thomas said: “There are costs, to make it where people stay for a couple of hours you need to spend some money, it may not be £1,000, it may be £500.”

Cllr Jon Nutting said: “An excellent idea, tying in with a part of our history and culture.”

Councillor Jon Harvey said: “It doesn’t do much for my street cred, but I go on miniature sausage dog walks. If you put on a dog show it does need to be more than a dog show, it must be inclusive of the town.”

Cllr Brown stressed: “It is the responsibility of all of us, if we want our events to go well and sorted quickly and early in the day everyone needs to pitch in.”

Following a proposal from Cllr Chris Doyle, members agreed to back the show to the tune of £1,000.