REDHILL School pupils took on the role of journalists this week as they interviewed a policeman and his canine partner for a school project.

On Monday, March 12, pupils in year three at the Haverfordwest school spoke to PC David Wardell and his police dog Finn using Facetime, about an incident that changed both their lives.

In October 2016, German shepherd Finn was stabbed in the chest with a 10-inch knife in the line of duty while he and PC Wardell were chasing a teenage suspect through the streets of Stevenage.

Finn also suffered stab wounds to his head, and PC Wardell was stabbed in the hand.

When the teenager was brought to court, he was charged with possession of a knife, as well as a BB gun, and for stabbing PC Wardell.

But the only way the then-16-year-old could be tried for stabbing Finn was a criminal damage charge, something which did not sit right with PC Wardell.

Since the incident, PC Wardell has been campaigning for a new law which would give greater protection to animals working in police service.

The Redhill pupils asked about what “Finn’s Law” would mean for dogs in the line of duty if it makes it through Parliament.

“If Finn’s Law was in place then the offender would have got some form of punishment for what he did to Finn,” PC Wardell told the children.

Redhill teacher Miss Vicky Brown thought it was important that her class learned about Finn’s story and the important cause PC Wardell is promoting.

Her pupils plan to write their own newspaper-style reports based on their interview with PC Wardell and Finn.

The police officer also told them some fun facts about Finn, who can jump an 8ft tall fence with ease, has saved 45 people’s lives, and helped to catch more than 300 suspected criminals in his time as a service dog.

“I am so, so proud of Finn and everything he has done and achieved in his career and hopefully the changes he will go on to create,” said PC Wardell.

PC Wardell has won a police Twitter award for the way he used social media to tell the story of Finn’s recovery, and the hero pooch has also been recognised for his bravery with a host of awards.

The officer has written a book about his and Finn’s recovery entitled Fabulous Finn.