Macmillan launches online support programme for people with cancer I WOULD like to let your readers know that they can now register to access our HOPE self-management programme online (I-HOPE).

For many people, dealing with cancer is the biggest challenge they will ever face.

HOPE has been designed to help people living with and beyond cancer to manage the emotional impact of their diagnosis.

It focuses on topics including managing fatigue and stress, exploring character strengths and priorities as well as living positively with the fear of recurrence.

Since the HOPE programme was launched in Wales in 2013 in partnership with Coventry University, around 320 people have been supported in locations across the country.

Feedback from those attending the programme has shown that they’ve been able to take something away to help them to look forward in life.

However, we know that some people find it difficult to attend the face-to-face sessions, with health medical appointments, work schedules, parenting or carer responsibilities all acting as barriers.

The online version of the programme can provide people with the support they need in their own time, at a location convenient to them, and in a way that can fit around their day-to-day lives.

I would like to encourage anyone who needs support with managing the impact of their cancer diagnosis to sign up to this free programme. To find out more, register for the programme or book a place, please contact the learning and development team in Wales on 01656 867 960 or email I-HOPE is an opportunity for people to explore methods to live life with cancer, and they can fit this programme around their own schedule.

The programme will begin on Monday, April 23, and will run for seven weeks. Participants are asked to commit to two hours a week, at a time that suits them.


Learning and Development Manager

 Macmillan Wales