PEMBROKE Dock’s two-way battle for the electoral seat of the town’s former mayor, which has seen a victory for local businessman Terry Wayne Judkins, will be “a win-win for the town”.

The March 22 election for the Market Ward vacancy followed the resignation late last year of the-then mayor Cllr Jane McNaughton.

Cllr McNaughton has made her surprise resignation in November, both as mayor and as a town councillor, due to what she sees as constant pressure from two opposing camps within the town council over the issue of dealing with alleged bullying of staff.

Terry Wayne Judkins, of Bush Street, and Phil McFadden of Queen Street, contested the seat.

Terry Judkins gained 147 votes to Philip McFadden’s 80.

Local businessman Terry Judkins, who runs the town’s post office, and is also a member of the town team, has promised restore social events in the town and “bring transparency to the management of the Pater Hall”.

Speaking after his win, he said: Mr Judkins said: “Although there was a disappointing turnout at 17.9 per cent, I would like to thank everyone that did vote and look forward to working with all town and county councillors with an aim to make our town an even nicer place to live.”

Welsh Labour candidate Phil McFadden congratulated the-now Cllr Judkins.

Mr McFadden, who had suffered a leg injury in the run-up to the election, said: “My injury kept me from congratulating Terry in person, but as soon as I'm well enough I hope to pop by.

“As I have said before I couldn't have wished for a better opponent, it was a win-win situation for Market Ward and the town. I know he will stand up for us, and that the Labour group will welcome him - I hope they'll see eye-to-eye on the important issues facing them and be a strong force for wise choices to bring forward to the county council.”