Having to have to pay an extra 12.5% in the extortionate Council Tax hike, for PCC to try and fill the funding gap, l find the story in last weeks paper (21/03/18) about proposals for 3 weekly bag collections AND new recycling plans an absolute joke and mockery to the public who actually PAY their tax. Whilst l understand that we need to do our part for the environment, l don't see how PCC will save much of this extra money they want from us when you read the proposals in the story. Recruiting 6, YES 6 officers to give out information about the changed service. How much will that cost them in salaries? Why not just do what they did when recycling came into force the first time and do it via leaflets. I'm sure this would be a cheaper option and the leaflet can go into recycling. Giving out council identifiable bin bags, 4 different bags and boxes for different kinds of recycling items, again, at what cost to produce these? Then there's the suggestion of the option to 'purchase' a trolley box? Well I'm sorry but if you (PCC) can 'waste' money making these new bags etc, you should supply the damn trolley too!!

Well said for Council Leader David Simpson for raising concerns about the reusable sacks being blown away. He was assured though that they would be weighted to prevent this. Well, the plastic bins we have for glass & food at the moment get blown around the streets, though it doesn't help when they are just chucked any old how by the employees on bin day. I rang the waste team at PCC a few weeks back after our glass box was no where to be seen & had to ask for a new one. I did suggest to the lady l spoke to that the bin men/women put them back in or near the residents property only to be told "we don't do that". I thought 'Obviously not, hence why l had to ask for a new one', and what do the council expect people who work to do? Stay home on bin day to make sure our bins/bags don't go AWOL? I also stated that with the boxes strewn all over the place, they pose a risk to the disabled, pedestrians (especially those who may have a pushchair) and drivers. I think Cllr Cris Tomos needs to have a good look at the implications of the proposals he's making before giving them the go ahead.

David Butler