PEMBROKESHIRE sea scouts have joined up with a maritime society to recreate a part of Welsh river history.

The 3rd Pembroke Sea Scouts and the West Wales Maritime Heritage Society have come together to construct Cleddau coracles, a once common feature on the Pembrokeshire river.

Cleddau coracles are boats built from laths - thin strips of wood - covered with calico cloth, then coated in bitumen to make them watertight.

John Lloyd, a scout group treasurer, started the project after he moved back to the area and wanted to complete his dream of building a coracle.

“When I came back to Pembrokeshire I wanted to build a coracle, just for the fun of it,” he said.

“I came across the Cleddau coracle, they’re quite distinct and I thought it might be good do to it as a scout project.

“In the past, they would have used animal hide and stretched it over the boat, it’s not really the done thing these days.”

Mr Lloyd said that the first hurdle to creating the coracles came from trying to find somewhere to build the crafts.

The WWMHS then offered the Sea Scouts help and space to construct the crafts.

Mr Lloyd hoped that through building the boats the scouts would learn a forgotten part of local history.

“I thought this was an important part of history for the scouts to learn," he said.

“There have been a few coracles built over the years, but the last time Cleddau coracles where working, as in actually fishing, was in the 1930s.”

The scouts will be taking the boats out on to the water at an event held at Gelliswick Bay, north of Milford Haven, on Sunday, April 22.

Mr Lloyd said he hopes to have two coracles ready for the event, with another two ready in the summer or early autumn.

If you or your child is interested in joining in the Sea Scouts contact the area commissioner, Mrs Linda Wilson, on 01437 741757.