A SUMMERHILL pensioner died after being exposed to asbestos during his working life, an inquest heard recently.

Morris Frederick North, 75, of Lime Church View passed away at his home on February 7 after developing the asbestos-related industrial disease mesothelioma.

At the March 29 inquest, held at Milford Haven Town Hall, Coroner’s officer for Dyfed-Powys Police Jeremy Davies said Melton Mowbray-born Mr North had been exposed to asbestos many times during his working life.

Mr Davies said Mr North had worked in the construction industry, and had been exposed to asbestos while working in MoD depots.

Mr North was exposed to blue asbestos, removed from old pipes by hammering.

He later worked as a plumber, and was indirectly exposed to asbestos by pipe laggers.

Mr North and his family moved to Pembrokeshire in the early 80s, and he retired in 2006.

He enjoyed an active lifestyle in retirement, and was in relatively good health, other than a medical history of hypertension and asthma, the inquest heard.

Early in 2017, Mr North had contacted his GP after suffering a persistent cough.

It was suspected Mr North was suffering from the asbestos-related industrial disease mesothelioma, which was later confirmed.

Mr North was placed on a course of chemotherapy; his general condition deteriorating, and he was in and out of hospital.

He later took the decision not to receive any further medication, his condition declining, before he passed away with family members present.

A medical report stated Mr North had died peacefully at home, and the cause of death was the industrial disease mesothelioma, combined with hypertension and asthma.

No post mortem was required, the inquest heard.

Coroner Mark Layton, recording a conclusion of death by industrial disease, said: “During the course of his previous employment, Mr North has been exposes to asbestos, developing the industrial disease mesothelioma, from which he died.”