AMROTH Beach was recently awarded best dog-friendly beach in Pembrokeshire.

To support and enhance this award, the community council purchased three dog bag dispensers which were placed along the promenade in Amroth.

More importantly, local businesses kindly purchased the dog waste bags for these dispensers.

As a community we are very proud of our Blue Flag beach, and we hope to maintain the high standard of cleanliness required. Cleaning up after your dog and disposing of the bags in the bins provided along the walkways, is one of the ways we can keep the beach clean and prevent water/beach contamination.

Most dog walkers using the beach are responsible, and bring their own bags for this purpose. However, it would seem that someone is removing the full pack of bags at a time, leaving nothing for the dog owner who may just be caught short one day and need one.

This has happened twice at the middle slipway, since the bags have been available from the beginning of this year.

If this continues, then providing bags as a service to dog walkers may become untenable.

Our lovely beach and our community welcomes dog walkers all year round.

However, it should be noted that from May 1 to September 30, dogs are not allowed on the main stretch of beach from Temple Bar to New Inn.

Dog bags will not be available at the middle slipway during this period.

Dog owners can freely walk dogs at either end of the restricted area all year round.

Dog wardens do patrol the beaches in the area at this time, and anyone caught abusing the ban can be fined.

Amroth Community Council