A DANGEROUS driver forced another car off the road last night.

Michael Lynch, who was driving with his three children in the car was forced off the road when an oncoming vehicle came towards him on his side of the road.

Mr Lynch, who posted his experience on Facebook, said: “The car came racing around this bend at approximately 70mph on my side of the road with no attempt whatsoever to move back over, very nearly hitting me and my three boys head on but luckily I got us out of his way.”

The car drove off without stopping, Mr Lynch described the car as a deep red Focus ST, with a white strip across the front.

Due to the speed the car was travelling at he was unable to see the car’s licence plate.

It cost Mr Lynch £250 to have his car removed from the hedge damage free.

“Least the idiot who drove off could do is take a good look at this, realise what they could’ve done and come to apologise to all of my children for driving so recklessly, petrifying them all and pay the bill,” he said.

The incident happened at Buttermilk Lane near Pembroke at about 8pm on Thursday. 

Mr Lynch has reported the incident to the police. If you have any information or think you may know the identity of the driver, contact the police on 101 quoting DP-20180412-350.