THE INNER Wheel Club of Haverfordwest has held a charity lunch to raise funds to support people living with early onset dementia.

The group held its charity lunch on March 28 at the Ferry House Inn, Llanstadwell, at which 50 members and friends attended.

The proceeds of this year’s lunch will be presented to the Friends of Young Onset Dementia in Pembrokeshire who are working to raise funds and awareness of this illness in equal measures.

People with Young Onset Dementia show symptoms of dementia before the age of 65.

They can have dependents in the form of teenage children, elderly parents, mortgages and much else besides.

They can show symptoms of memory impairment, have difficulty with language, behaviour and personality.

They are generally physically able people. It can have a dramatic effect on future plans and expectations.

There are approximately 64,000 people with this condition in the United Kingdom. There is a lack of provision for this small but nevertheless very important group of sufferers.

The funds raised at the lunch will be used to provide support for sufferers in Pembrokeshire to allow them to still engage in social and meaningful activities despite the limitations of their illness.

The raffle of a Welsh Hamper was won by Elizabeth Morris.