PEMBROKESHIRE County Council has unanimously agreed to allow two houses to be converted into a care home after the community council made what were described as 'discriminatory' comments.

Last month the community council responded to the proposal to covert 57-59 St Issell's Avenue, Merlin's Bridge with concerns about the "levels of autism that residents are living with" and "worries about the proximity to the school."

This was described as "discriminatory" and a "bigoted, small-minded response" by Cllr Joshua Beynon.

At the recent planning meeting, Jim Donald, the applicant, tried to ease fears.

He said that one of Merlins Bridge community council's concerns - that a school in the area did not think that the care home was in the right place - was not correct.

He said: "It was my obligation to go up to the school to address the headmistress' concerns, and she was concerned.

"She was concerned that the community council had tried to use the weight of the school to condemn the application, when in fact she was supportive and was looking forward to the project running."

Mr Donald went on to say that one of the other concerns the local community had - that the home would be treating people with substance abuse issues - was not the case.

"There was never any intention to deal with any form of substance abuse, no one in my organisation is qualified to deal with substance abuse," Mr Donald said.

Merlin's Bridge Councillor, John Cole, responded that the community council's main concern had actually been an increase in traffic.

County Councillor Brian Hall dismissed Cllr Cole's objections, he said: "I can understand the concerns of the local councillor, obviously he has a business up the road, but I would say that staff will arrive early in the morning."