PLANS for a first-of-its-kind disability-friendly playground, have been revealed by councillors.

Pembroke Dock Town Councillors Joshua Beynon and Dilys Burrell recently met up with Wicksteed, suppliers of playground equipment, to come up with proposals for Memorial Park.

The councillors believe that the disability-friendly playground will be the first in Pembrokeshire - with equipment like a roundabout that can accommodate a wheelchair.

Cllr Beynon said they "want to make sure it is something people will use" and will be asking parents, teachers, disability groups and children to give their input.

"We are hoping by next summer the park will be something that people from all over West Wales will want to visit," Cllr Beynon said.

Lindsay Stockwell Nye, 40, is looking forward to the park being built for children like her son who has cerebral palsy.

"This is absolutely amazing, it's all about inclusivity," she said.

"My son Freddi will probably be a bit too old to use it, he'll be 11 in September, he's never been on a swing and he's never been on a roundabout.

"For Freddi, it's his mobility that's his problem, he's completely able to keep up with his peers mentally.

"If they went to the park he wasn't able to go with them, but now he will be able to go and be part of the group.

"People shouldn't be segregated because of their conditions, it's not 30 years ago when I was a child when you didn't see people with disabilities, we need to be more inclusive now."

Cllr Beynon said they have two option going forward – to apply for a large grant that can take a long time to get or to go for smaller grants and undertake the work in three phases.

"We've got £43,000 at the moment, but that's really a drop in the ocean of what it's going to cost, It's probably going to cost around £150,000," he said.