CALLS have been made for basic first-aid training to be provided to youngsters in the county’s schools.

At the May 10 meeting of Pembrokeshire County Council, Councillor Mark Carter asked: “Given the continuing pressures on the NHS and the increase in times to access emergency care, could the Cabinet member for education advise whether there has been any consideration in providing all secondary school pupils in Pembrokeshire schools with a basic understanding in first aid, perhaps on the lines of what to do if there is an emergency in the home for younger pupils and for the older ones a certificate in basic first aid before leaving school?”

Cabinet member for education Cllr David Lloyd replied: “The short answer is no, there is no formal full-scale group in secondary schools within Pembrokeshire, hover there are aspects of how to respond in specific aspects.”

He cited examples such as training for burns in technology units, and said that some schools had purchased CPR kits.

Members heard from Cllr Lloyd the decision was “a matter of balance,” with schools “under enormous pressure to deliver the curriculum.”

He said the choice was left up to individual schools.

Cllr Carter said the issue had been looked at by Solva Community council, which thought the idea was a worthwhile project.

He told members that local residents felt it would be a good idea for children to have some experience, in light of continuing problems accessing ambulances and healthcare.

Cllr Lloyd replied: “I’m in full agreement with the basis of the request; I intend to give it consideration.”