PEMBROKE Dock firefighters had an unusual call-out to Pembroke on Sunday, May 13, ending up doing a ‘quacking job’ with the rescue of six little ducklings.
Posting on Facebook, Pembroke Dock Fire Station wrote about how they became involved in the mercy mission to rescue the adorable little bundles of feathers.
“Today at 3.17pm we became aware that some ducklings were trapped in a storm drain by Pembroke Millpond. We were asked by the duty officer to go along to see if there was anything we could do to assist.
“Upon our arrival we could see that indeed they were stuck inside the drain and unable to get out on their own, sadly there was no sign of their parents and upon advice from the RSPCA we set about recovering the ducklings.”
Despite early difficulties, the firefighters managed to ‘quack’ the rescue thanks to the patient work of a crew member, who proved he could fit the 'bill' for difficult job of coaxing the cute creatures from the drain.
“The drain lid proved remarkably resistant to our efforts to open it without breaking it, so forward stepped Dominic ‘the duckling whisperer’ who painstakingly encouraged all six ducklings to come to him on foliage he put inside to create a makeshift ramp for the ducklings!

Western Telegraph:

“End result? Six ducklings recovered, safe and well and awaiting collection by the RSPCA, as unfortunately their parents were no longer around; with no damage to the drain cover.”