A SUPERBIKE and a shed have smashed world land-speed records at Pendine Sands.

Racer Zef Eisenberg became the first man in history to break the 200mph barrier on any motorbike or car at the unique, world-renowned racing venue.

His record achievement at the weekend saw him reach a top speed of 201.572mph on his supercharged ‘Green Monster’ Hayabusa bike.

Meanwhile, there were also celebrations for Kevin Nicks as he drove his souped-up motorised shed on the sands to reach 101mph and break its own record, which previously stood at 80mph.

His Fastest Shed is said to be the only road-legal motorised shed in the world and the 53-year-old gardener from Chipping Norton in Oxfordshire spent more than £13,000 on its creation.

It now boasts a turbo-charged 400bhp engine that is more powerful than many sports cars.

The new world records were achieved at the sixth annual Hot Rod Races, which brought karts, three-wheelers and the most powerful street-legal motorcycles to Pendine.

The famous Pendine sands have hosted speed record-breaking attempts for nearly a century, every since Malcolm Campbell set a world land-speed record of 146mph in his Bluebird car.

Eisenberg, 45, powered his way into the record book just 18 months after he spent three months in hospital after crashing at over 230mph, when he broke the land-speed record for a turbine bike in Yorkshire. He said he was “elated” at his ‘holy grail’ victory.