A MOBILE phone application is changing the way Pembrokeshire County Council investigates noise complaints.

The Noise App, a free download available to the public through Pembrokeshire County Council’s website, is proving invaluable when the authority investigates noise that may be causing an annoyance.

In use for three years, close on 600 users in Pembrokeshire have downloaded the app producing around 3,000 recordings.

The app allows officers to investigate complaints quicker and in real time.

“In effect, that app allows us to have a 24hour noise service,” said lead officer, Pollution Control Team, Nathan Miles during Noise Action Week 2018 which takes place between May 21 and 28.

“Previously we had to use paper diary sheets and noise equipment had to be taken on-site to the complaint and left for a period of time before being analysed.

“This was time consuming and limited.

“Now, if people are concerned about noise, they can record it wherever they are in the property and we can listen to the noise they actually heard and where and when it was happening.

“We then share the recordings with the complainant and use it as evidence if required.”

Excessive noise is damaging to health with complaints costing thousands to investigate.

Nathan Miles said the app is helping reduce that.

“There was always a bit of guesswork involved in the initial stages before and we were never certain if something was a problem or not.

“Now, with the use of the app we can be.

“This has led to a reduction in investigative time and therefore a reduction in our costs which is beneficial to the complainant and to us.

For more information about the noise app visit the council website.