Intrusive questions SOME months ago I went onto the website which requested public opinion on the Pembrokeshire Council budget.

But after a few relevant questions the survey went into requesting very personal information about myself, nothing whatsoever to do with my ideas on budget savings. So I deleted it all, as I could not see what my sexual inclinations or religious beliefs had to do with overspending on roads and overpaid bureaucrats.

Yesterday I went onto website, as suggested in your paper last week, to give my views on the new hospital alternative plans.

I was working my way through the questions when again I reached irrelevant personal questions, so gave up in anger.

Please would those who dream up these invasive questionnaires tell me what is the relevance of my religion, everyday language, marital status, ethnic group, armed forces historical connection, sexual inclination, gender identity, etc in relation to my view on keeping an A&E department active at Withybush.

Is this something to do with “Big Brother” watching me?


St Davids