THE community of Ludchurch rolled up their sleeves to give their village a spring-clean on the bank holiday weekend.

Eight full bags of cans, general detritus and other items were collected in a litter pick organised by the Ludchurch Village Committee.

The clean-up was supported by Pembrokeshire County Council, who provided litter-picking equipment and bags, and arranged a prompt collection of the refuse bags.

Chairman of Ludchurch Village Committee Dr Anthony Evans said: "It is astonishing and disappointing that so much rubbish can be dumped along the verges of a little village like Ludchurch, but we are determined to keep our village neat and tidy.

“I just wish people would take their junk home with them. We who live in Ludchurch do not want to live with their unsightly rubbish!

"We are very grateful for the support of the county council which has made it possible for us to carry out this spring clean."

If you are organising a spring-clean in your community and would like support from the county council, please contact Katie Daly, waste and recycling projects officer, on 01437 775945 or email