PEMBROKE is looking rough! I know that through no fault of our own we have lost the Co-op and some of the surrounding shops, but some of the remaining buildings at this end our town are in an appalling state. Don’t residents ever look up?

There are weeds and buddleias flourishing from gutterings, chimneys and roofs. It’s an utter disgrace.

I lived in the Main Street for 30 years and my mother used to be out every morning washing down our windows and sweeping off the front of our premises.This applied to all the residents and shopkeepers. Now it seems that only the dedicated few are to be seen before 9am in the morning sprucing up the front of their shops and painting them in the winter.

We are a castle town and a tourist destination we haven’t got much but what we have got should be clean, painted, weed-free and ready to meet and greet the summer visitors.