On Monday, May 14, I was travelling from London Paddington on the 11.15 GWR 125.

This train was delayed. It did not leave until 11.45. Consequently, when I arrived at Cardiff Central, I had missed my 13.40 connection to Milford Haven.

The next train was the 14.04 from platform 4A.

When I got on the train, it was overcrowded, dirty and the state of the toilets defies description.

Words fail me.

On holiday on route to Pembrokeshire, were Americans from California. The woman wanted to use the toilet but could not because it was so disgusting. No water and blocked.

I don’t know what these people must have though about our travel arrangements.

I thought in the 21st century we could do a little better.

We are not a Third World country. Not a great advert for Welsh tourism.