A DEBATE about the cost of school uniforms has been reignited, as parents of pupils at Haverfordwest's secondary schools have expressed their concerns about prices on social media.

The parents of Sir Thomas Picton School and Tasker Milward School students have taken to Facebook to raise their concerns over the cost of having to buy a new uniform as the two schools merge in Haverfordwest High VC School.

But according to local stockists, the prices have remained the same as last year, or increased by only a small amount on some items.

The main uniform items are being stocked by Tees R Us Haverfordwest and Matthew's Menswear.

The school sports kit is being sold by Kent-based sportswear company Ambition Sport.

Matthew Lockyer of Matthew's Menswear said that most of the pricing on the new uniform items were no different from last year when he stocked STP and Taskers uniforms.

Western Telegraph:

The new Haverfordwest High VC School Blazer. PICTURE: Tees R Us.

Blazers for the new school, he said, were priced from £38.95 to £44.95, the same as in the 2018-18 financial year.

The price of jumpers also stood the same at £25.95, but the price of ties had increased from £5.95 to £6.95 to account for new embroidery.

The shop has different styles of trousers and skirts, priced on length and quality.

Mr Lockyer said: “What the government wants, and educators want, is to make uniform items as accessible as possible.

“Schools give different suppliers items so you can access things at different prices.”

Tees R Us is stocking blazers from £35.99 to £39.99.

The shop’s jumpers are on sale for £25.95 and ties for £6.50.

Western Telegraph:

The price list of items at Tees R Us. PICTURE: Tees R Us.

Suzanne O'Hanlon of Tees R Us said the summer was the shop’s busiest time of year and thanked customers for their patience.

“The blazer could last up to two or three years,” she said, “and the jumper is not a compulsory uniform item.”

Discussion of uniform pricing on Facebook among parents was wide-ranging.

Martin Lewis said: “Schools should be obliged to stick and sell their own uniforms at cost or near cost price. School uniforms have been a racket for years with “selected” shops only allowed to sell “approved” uniforms.”

Others were more concerned about having to buy a new uniform than a perceived rising cost, Helen Briskham said: “Well surely the parents of Pembroke School would have the same concerns over changing to Ysgol Harri Tudor in September?”

Other people were concerned with the affordability of buying a new uniform.

Abigail Louise Evans said: “These prices are way too high, it’s ok giving out grants for low incomes but what about people who are working full time on the minimum wage? This is a disgrace!”

Victoria Nicholls added: “Doesn't matter if you're low income. It's still expensive regardless of how much you earn.”