THE DEVELOPER behind controversial plans for a housing estate in Haverfordwest has submitted new applications relating to the site, as local groups remain steadfastly against the homes.

Plans to build 24 houses at Slade Lane continue, with developer Hill West Limited having recently applied to discharge one of the planning conditions, as well as submitting a reserved matters application for the scale, appearance, and landscaping of houses on the site.

Pembrokeshire County Council planners have partially agreed to a discharge of condition 12 of the original planning permission, granted in September last year.

This condition stated the developer had to submit an environmental management plan to PCC before building work began.

This plan has been submitted and includes details of how the site would be accessed using Slade Lane as a routes delivery and construction vehicles would use.

It also includes details of how building materials and machinery would be used and stored, and how noise and muddy tracks from vehicles would be controlled on the site.

PCC said condition 12 could not be fully discharged, as the developer needed to adhere to the plan during construction.

Haverfordwest Town Council has objected to the plans, on the grounds of highway safety.

The council is unhappy that all traffic to the site would travel via Slade Lane, despite previous plans to connect the development with Slade Lane North, a planned estate which is no longer in development.

This would have allowed for access to the site from a lane to the north, as well as from the south.

At the town council’s meeting on June 20, Cllr Jon Collier said: “It was included in the LDP with the rider it would be included with Slade Lane North.

“I can see by the layout being proposed here there is zero chance of a connection to Slade Lane North.”

A reserved matters application has also been submitted to PCC by Hill West Limited, which includes details of how the houses on the site would be laid out.

PCC has yet to have made a decision about these plans.