Miss A D Williams


Miss Aimee Denise Williams, age 27 of St Clements Park, Freystrop passed away peacefully on Sunday June 17 at Perrotts Lodge, Merlins Bridge.

Aimee was the dearly loved daughter of Alyson and Lyndon, adored sister of Charlotte, loving aunty Mo to Logan, Corey, Zachary and Avalie, a cherished grand-daughter, niece and cousin.

Aimee was born on February 22 1991. After her birth she was diagnosed with a lifelong condition known as Microcephaly, her head being smaller than expected. Doctors offered a gloomy assessment of Aimee’s future; she may not walk or talk and was unlikely to live beyond nine years old. She proved them wrong.

Aimee exceeded all medical expectations when she was young, was a happy go lucky and mischievous young girl. She did all normal things kids do. At school, with learning difficulties, and other medical problems, she excelled herself in putting on a brave face, put her heart into all the tasks she was set. She loved to swim, run and even sang, alongside her sister Charlotte as part of the school choir. She had riding lessons, enjoyed art and cookery, winning various school competitions much to her delight.

In 2001, just 10 years old, Aimee suffered chronic kidney failure and after enduring investigations, tests and nightly dialysis received a kidney transplant on January 12 2003. This was the most precious gift of life from a total stranger who Aimee lovingly named Sydney the kidney. Every year on the January 12, Aimee had a birthday cake and a candle, celebrating Sydney’s memory and the gift of life he or she had endowed upon her.

After having the transplant Aimee was able to do more enjoying sleepovers with her sister, Charlotte, and cousins, Grant and Natalie, at Nan and Grampa’s, having bacon butties on Saturday morning and also talking to the cows in the back field about her transplant. She enjoyed day trips, some special holidays and even a holiday to Blackpool with her Aunty Dawn and Uncle Graham.

Aimee enjoyed watching TV, it would be Cbeebies throughout the day but come nine o’clock the TV had to be turned to the horror channel as Aimee loved horror films.

Her favourite show on Cbeebies was My Little Pony; she had two favourite characters, Twilight Sparkles and Rainbow Dash. After having her leg amputated, Aimee didn’t like anyone referring to her leg as a ‘stump’, so she renamed it ‘Twilight Sparkle’.

Aimee loved listening to music, Dolly Parton when travelling to Morriston with her mum, Westlife and The Vamps and many other artists.

She loved bright colours and would herself colour her hair in all the colours of the rainbow. She at one time cut her long hair into a perfect bob by gathering it up into a pony tail and just chopping it off. She was also particular about her make-up and her nails.

Horses were also a favourite and Alyson remembers driving all over the place to try and find some for her to pet, bringing apples, carrots and polo mints.

She loved crafts and was, of course, the queen of the selfies. Her camera was always clicking and she would go to her favourite shop Tesco to have them developed. Her mobile phone is packed with wonderful and amusing pictures, a lasting tribute to Aimee.

In 2002 Aimee was nominated by the National Kidney Research Foundation as a ‘Young Hero’ and received her award by Welsh international, and definite C-listers, Neil Jenkins and Rupert Moon. Aimee’s dream was to meet her favourite boy band and also in 2002 as part of the starlight foundation, make a wish, Westlife and in particular her Nicky (her favourite) were lucky enough to meet Aimee and her family in a London studio. Aimee also saw them in concert in Cardiff.

Unfortunately in 2013 Aimee’s kidney started to fail and she was forced to go back on kidney dialysis in 2015 for 9 1/2 hours a night. To help her deal with this mum bought her a surprise Chihuahua puppy. She called her Cecilia, who she named after a song by her favourite boy band, The Vamps (who she also went to see). Aimee’s love for Cecilia was unconditional; she bought her outfits, a stroller and even her own pyjamas and dummy. Aimee and Cecilia went everywhere together, during the darkest times; it was Aimee’s love for Cecilia that kept her strong.

Aimee continued to face more tough times, she was on life support and seriously ill in 2015 but on her birthday, February 22 she suddenly put her arms up, once again she had confounded all medical expectations.

In October 2017 Aimee was admitted to Withybush and transferred to Morriston where she had her leg amputated, again showing great determination and was soon able to become more independent. She moved to respite at Perrots Lodge. It was difficult for her to accept, all she wanted was to be home with her dog and in her own surroundings. She had good and bad days there; however the staff were able to deal with her feelings.

In March this year Aimee was admitted to ACDU Withybush with serious life threatening infections. She moved from ACDU to Ward 10, she made cards for all the doctors, nurses and tea ladies. She had quite a crush on one of the doctors who Aims said smelt very nice and wore very nice smart shirts. She fancied a red and white shirt he was wearing, he asked her would she like one, of course she said ‘yes please’ and sure enough he got her one, she wore it continually. She again fought hard to overcome all her difficulties and returned to Perrotts Lodge at the end of May.

It was her mums 50th birthday on June 3; Aimee was so concerned for her to have a party,they celebrated with the family at Perrotts Lodge. Aimee was not well, had several seizures, but did enjoy. From then on everything was getting a struggle. Aimee was feeling more tired and on June 15, together with her dog Cecilia she shared a babybel cheese and had some loving cwtches. Aimee did not want Cecilia on her bed the following day as her leg was so sore. On Sunday June17 Aimee passed away peacefully.

To those who loved Aimee the most, her mum Alyson for her dedication and unstinting devotion to her daughter’s needs throughout her short life. To Lyndon her dad and Charlotte her sister for always being there and to Nan, Grampa and Granny, Aimee meant the world to them all and will forever be remembered.

We would all agree that Aimee’s humour carried her through her tough times, also stories and anecdotes that her family and friends believe demonstrated Aimee’s resilience and fighting spirit. Aimee was a hero in the truest sense of the word, endured her ills with dignity and without much complaint and did not ask for sympathy.

The family left to mourn and principal mourners are Alyson and Glyn (mother and partner); Lyndon and Nicky (father and partner); Charlotte and Richard (sister and partner); Logan, Corey, Zachary (nephews); Avalie (niece), Bryan and Gwenda (grandparents); Katherine Shirley (grandmother), Dawn and Graham (aunt and uncle); Katherine (aunt); Grant, Mollie and Arthur, Natalie, Shane, Ruby, Evelyn, Keryn, Emily, Gareth and Dan (cousins), other relatives and friends too numerous to mention.

A colourful, uplifting and emotional service to celebrate Aimee`s life took place on Friday June 29 at Parc Gwyn Crematorium, Narberth.

During the service Aimee`s favourite song` Cecilia` was played whist photos of Aimee, throughout her life, were shown.

The service was officiated by celebrant Mike Ashbridge.

The bearers were Huw Morris, Matthew Newman, Andrew Feetham and James John.

Donations in lieu of flowers for ACDU, Withybush Hospital, and Perrots Lodge Care Home are c/o E.C. Thomas & Son, Funeral Directors, Zoar Chapel Funeral Home, Llanteg, Narberth. SA67 8QH, who also carried out the funeral arrangements.