A woman feared her partner would be killed when he was hit with a radiator on Christmas Day, after waking up following a sprout fight with an egg super-glued to his hands.

Joseph Fraser of Maesybryn, Llandissilio, was found guilty of assault, ABH and criminal damage offences after he stood trial at Haverfordwest magistrates court on Wednesday and Friday.

Sian Vaughan, prosecuting, told the court that a small group were enjoying festive celebrations at Tammie Ferrie’s Haverfordwest home when Fraser assaulted her and Shaun Tucker, and damaged a laptop and radiator.

The court heard that Mr Tucker woke up on a bean-bag in the early hours of Christmas Day to find an egg super-glued to his hands, and Fraser then launched an attack on him with a radiator, breaking his toe, and punched him.

Miss Ferrie was assaulted as she tried to pull Fraser away, and was bitten by his friend’s dog during the melee.

She told the court she glued the egg onto her boyfriend’s palm as a prank, before events escalated.

Miss Ferrie said: “I don’t know what caused it to kick off.

“We were all throwing Brussel sprouts at each other, just messing around.

“Jo kind of attacked him out of the blue.”

The bench heard that some of the attack occurred in darkness after the electric shorted.

Miss Ferrie found Fraser on top of Mr Tucker after turning the lights back on, and was slammed to the floor as she attempted to pull him away.

“I screamed. He was like blue in the face. I shouted for Jo to get off him. He was like passing out.

“I told Shaun to run because I thought that he was going to be killed."

Mr Tucker said: “Jo just attacked me. He hit me with an electric radiator a few times and choked me.”

He added: “It’s all a bit blurry. I did not really know what was going on and was in shock. Tammie was trying to save my life.

“It was a good Christmas up until then.”

The court heard that Miss Ferrie’s laptop was damaged during the struggle.

Fraser, 29, claimed his friend Andrew Gibbs and Shaun Tucker began to quarrel as everyone became drunk, and he had acted in self-defence.

He had taken Mr Gibbs out to the van to put him to bed and keep the peace, and said Mr Tucker and Miss Ferrie then began to argue with him.

Fraser stated that when Mr Tucker woke up with the egg glued to his hands, he assumed it was Fraser’s joke and ‘went for him.’

Fraser, who previously admitted damaging five windows at the property, will be sentenced on Wednesday, August 8.